Informal call for papers for Leeds 2009

Galvanised by the latest International Medieval Congress newsletter (N. B. that link will only show you what I got after the 15th August, I’m afraid), I have realised with sinking heart that it’s time to start plotting for Leeds 2009 already, and 2008 hardly digested yet! Though with it done, we can relax again, on this score at least, till, I don’t know, early July? :-)

‘St Francis Releases the Heretic’, fresco from the Church of San Francesco in Assisi. Photo ©  S. Diller  2008

I had hoped to scale down slightly for the Problems and Possibilities of Early Medieval Diplomatic strand in 2009, after finding organising and running three sessions a bit much even though they were mostly problem-free. But a meeting between myself and Allan McKinley on the Wednesday of this year’s Leeds revealed that our plans were more ambitious than that. We’re looking at probably four sessions this time, one focusing on matters digital and electronic as they pertain to charter studies, one on Northern diplomatic, Scandinavia and Scotland and so on, where charters start late, and two more along our usual lines as described elsewhere. I’ve already got enough speakers for two and a bit, but who actually comes up with titles and abstracts in time for the proposal deadline, which is the end of September, is a different matter.

So I’ve been sending mail out to people, and will send more out to likely individuals in the next few days, asking if they’d like to contribute. But it seems only fair, and perhaps wise, to stick the request here too. Would you like to do the Leeds experience next year? (They have some travel bursaries if we get in quick enough.) Do you have something to say about early medieval society and/or its charters, that involves treating them as authored and biased accounts of matters, like, you know, any other text? If so, either comment here or drop me an e-mail via the address on my departmental web-page, and I’ll be in touch. After all: you’ll only wind up reading about it and thinking, “bah, I could have been in that blog post” if you don’t, right? Sure you will…

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