Adaptations III: search form, recent comments

As you’ve probably noticed I’ve done some messing around with the sidebar layout in recent days. In the first place, mainly for my own convenience, there’s now a search box at the top; I was Googling my own blog so much that it was stupid. It seems to work. Not for my own convenience, though, is the recent comments feature. This I installed because I was finding it so useful a feature at Magistra’s place, enabling me to see at a glance whether there’d been any discussion of things I’d already seen and perhaps contributed to. As far as I can tell from the stats people do seem to be following discussion like this here too, but I’m only guessing, and it does annoy me as a presence, because I’m in the habit of having the blogroll there to check down over the course of a day. Of course, it’s only a page further away, not even a click, but all the same I preferred it the old way. But if the recent comments feature is to be there, that’s the only place it makes sense to have it. So I invite feedback: is it interesting and useful to you? Because if not, I might manage without it.

All praise to WordPress however for having these things so simple to install, though; a simple drag-and-drop and a complex and impressive functionality Just Works. It’s pretty good here.


2 responses to “Adaptations III: search form, recent comments

  1. I think the search thingy is great. As much of your content never really dies, it’s very nice to be able to swiftly find that old post on, say, sex slaves.
    But the search is only on the front page, not when viewing a single post?
    ‘Recent comments’ are cool when people comment, and quite uncool when they don’t…

  2. Yes, in this theme at least, the sidebar only displays when viewing the main or archive pages; single entries don’t get it. That’s kind of annoying, given that I guess feed readers will send people to the individual entries. I don’t think it’s configurable but I’ll have a play around at some point when time and laggy Internet don’t forbid. Thanks for the feedback.

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