Finishing things: a backward step

So a while ago I made that list of projects that were under work; and well, what with Leeds not so much advance has been made on them. I did finish the introduction to the first book, leaving only conclusion, cuts, bibliography and preliminaries and finally the index to do before final submission. And of course I got the Leeds paper done, and now there is no more that can be done with it till erstwhile supervisor has overlooked it, which as mail I’ve just got tells me he’s on holiday may be a short while at least. And that might be about it, sadly. But at least I haven’t added any more to the list, right? Right? Er…

I wandered into a meeting, you see, by mistake. It was a meeting with one friend, one important patron and a woman I didn’t know, I stopped to greet said patron, and it turned out that what was going on was that the important patron was handing on a series that she runs, to the friend, the third party being the company rep. And somehow before this meeting had dissolved I’d wound up making a pitch to give them a volume of translated charters. I was pushed, all right? I won’t give any more details at this point, because as yet it isn’t even a formal submission, but when it is, if they like it, that would be a third book to try and finish somehow! It could be a good one though, another thing I’d be pleased to have done. So I shall hope; but like Augustine, not yet


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