Possibly need to focus a bit

King Alfons I of Aragón-Catalonia and his Prime Minister conferring in the Arxiu Comtal de Barcelona

Yesterday, I did something I’ve been meaning to do for a while and put together a full list of all the projects I have started work on and still not concluded. I’ve been having trouble keeping track of what’s at what stage and how much is needed to make it viable, and I wanted some keep-track that was simple to edit, viewable from anywhere and still private, with the facility to let others see it if I wanted, so I have put it up as a password-locked page here because that honestly did seem easiest. (I can’t imagine why you would want to see it, but if you do, mail me and explain.)

But, man! Or, as it might be, woman! Sorted into RAE categories, it runs to two books, four chapters in other people’s books (though two of them are in the same book and I am one of the other people), eight journal articles all but one of which actually exist in text and two of which are so long that they are likely to come out in halves if at all, four and perhaps five conference papers (though one of them will be one of those half-articles), and one online paper (which the RAE files at the bottom under `other output’, though that also alerts me to the fact that I could claim the exhibitions and exhibition websites I’ve been involved with as RAE submission material! which is nice). Now: if you are on an interview panel in the future that has to deal with me, I naturally hope that you will see this as evidence of feverish brimming ideas and a vast research potential! But for anyone else: my god I need to finish something…

It’s not as bad as it seems. The book is well under way, and the second book only exists as an outline. Of the book chapters, two are Lay Archives things that will likely never happen. Those and one of the others are all collaborative, and the collaborators aren’t communicating with me or generating any output, which is a pity but means that I’m not wasting time on them either. And of the journal articles, well, as I say, seven exist in text, three have been accepted pending revisions, in fact four except that one of those was so long ago that I think it would have to be resubmitted especially since I intend to cut it into bits. And of the others, two have been submitted before, were rejected and are just in dock prior to going out again somewhere else. A seventh has already had this happen and is currently under review. So they aren’t taking much work either, and I may well get another out this weekend, which would make it the third weekend in a row I have submitted a paper. So it almost looks as if it’s working, at least at my end. But honestly; it would be nice to be able to take something off this list. And this is only the stuff I’ve started. If I listed plans as well… Best not to think about it.


6 responses to “Possibly need to focus a bit

  1. I understand about being brimming with ideas and not having time to develop them and knowing that they are all not worth or big enough to develop. That is why I blog! :-)

    Otherwise, all I can say is prioritize and focus, focus, focus ;-)

  2. I share the same frustration, and have decided to view the plethora of ideas and the dearth of time as an expression of my inner creativity and intelligence. (Now if the intelligence part of the equation were really true, I might perhaps have delegated some of those ideas, so that they might be developed by others … )

  3. Michelle, the problem with prioritising as much as I really need to is that then one falls badly out of touch with the wider field. At the moment I’m only badly out of touch, not critically out of touch; but it could easily get worse from here. This is, in part, what conferences cure…

    Ilegirl, delegation in the historical profession is an excellent trick, because bigger grant proposals seem to be more likely to earn support so budgeting for a Research Assistant to whom things can be delegated. All the same, more likely is not the same as probable… and until it comes up, no-one to delegate to!

  4. This is a good idea. I did a quick run through and came to a similar tally. Argh. Good luck!

  5. Ah, but, you have what’s supposed to be three clear years to do something about it! We’ll see who publishes first, maybe :-) Thanks for stopping by…

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