Added in Passing VIII: snowed under

You may have noticed that blogging is sporadic in these here parts, and this is because things are very busy. Aside from some quite confusing events outside of academia, which I won’t trouble you with, I’ve just started work on the Leeds paper, which is turning out to be easier but more tedious than I’d dared hope due to things being on closed access; employment work is being fairly continuous; and there seems to be shedloads of stuff needing organising. Nonetheless, there are a couple of things I want to post about, and I will when I get a minute; but for now, can I just draw your attention to a couple of links added to the sidebar? One, yet another Scandie archaeologist hath a blog, this one called Testimony of the Spade (hey Henrik, get Recent Finds up and running again!); and secondly, I stumbled the other day across Regnum Francorum Online, which seems to be a voluminous and to-be-encouraged attempt to be the Internet Medieval sourcebook but specifically for Frankish Europe, including a primary focus on maps. This person needs encouraging, and possibly contributions.

Now, Wendy is about to speak, so I’m off.


2 responses to “Added in Passing VIII: snowed under

  1. highlyeccentric

    Good luck with the snowed-under :) Grin, and remember that insanity is a badge of academic honour.

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