Call for Carnivalesque submissions

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It may have been foolish of me to let the beleaguered Another Damned Medievalist persuade me into hosting the next edition of Carnivalesque, but I intend to gosh-darn well host it, if not perhaps bang on the dot of 18 May as has been advertised here because I’ll be elsewhere for much of that day and will likely return tired and slightly deaf. But I have been gathering links and worthy things where I’ve passed by in the last couple of months. All the same, I don’t cover so very much of the blogosphere, even its Middle Ages components, and I was expecting to get a few submissions from elsewhere. Well, there is this submission form at the Blog Carnival site which is set up for this, but as of the now I’ve had a sum total of one thing through that that wasn’t spam, although several things may have thought they weren’t spam but just not read the period. Sorry: try your post about something that happened in 1739 for the next one, that person.

But yes, not a lot. I’ll have a trawl through likely blogs closer to the hour but I’d welcome any suggestions. I realise you’re all at Kalamazoo or having video marathons but the days grow few…

6 responses to “Call for Carnivalesque submissions

  1. It would be nice of you could mention that my distilled prayer project has moved to my new blog Selah ( and of course, any other posts you find worthy on either blog. :-)

  2. highlyeccentric

    Sending you recommendations as we speak :)

  3. Thankyou each, much appreciated.

  4. I am planning to blog the conference on ‘What is masculinity? How useful is it as a historical catgeory?’ at Birkbeck this week, which includes a fair number of medieval papers. I’m not sure quite when I’ll have time to write though, so shall I do a post with any X-rated stuff before May 18th and then stick up the serious theoretical issues later?

  5. By all means have a go, though I already intend to feature your latest post and I’m not sure how many I can really give any one author…

  6. Well, you know where I live, so to speak, so if you’ve found anything worthy of mention, mention it.

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