Attack of the Pseudonymous Medieval Commentators

I seem to have been contacted from beyond the grave. Mind you, this shouldn’t surprise me, I have Geoffrey Chaucer and the Emperor Antoninus Pius on my blogroll, after all, how far away could Archbishop Wulfstan of York be? Yes, an acquaintance of mine has brought to my attention a relatively new blog which rejoices in the name, What Would Wulfstan Do? Its noble aim is not so far off that of Modern Medieval, to give the people of the Middle Ages a voice that speaks to the modern reader, but so far the speakers are only two, though what a two: Archbishop Wulfstan, Lupus himself, and Ælfric of Eynsham. All the same, I gather that these two fear that they may not themselves be sufficient unto the day, and I have been asked to advertise their wish for collaborators. If anyone feels that they could channel some medieval opinion into the blogosphere, which let’s face it people are already doing, the archbishop and the grammarian would be joyous

6 responses to “Attack of the Pseudonymous Medieval Commentators

  1. I’ve always been suspicious of that Antoninus Pius guy. I mean the real guy is hardly known to history. The historical AP might as well be a blogger surname for all the diff it would make.

  2. Perhaps son Marcus did know a thing or two about alchemy after all!

  3. Now I’m tempted to give Arminius a blog. :D

  4. highlyeccentric

    My! Aren’t we a privileged blogosphere?

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