AFK II: sporadic blogging ahead

From 5 March to 14 March I shall be a-travelling, a-photographing and a-chartering in the towns and by-ways of merrie olde Catalunya and thus not as umbilically connected to the Internet as usual. I have some content written up already and may be able to post that, so keep checking back, but I shan’t be responding to comments at any speed. Medieval eye-candy when I return I promise. This trip has been due for such a long time, and now that it’s pretty much organised I’m actually looking forward to it…

3 responses to “AFK II: sporadic blogging ahead

  1. Have a nice time. And return with lots of pics. :)

  2. JLJ, someone or other seems to be keeping the wheels turning well, so thankyou for putting a good word in. How very medievally intercessory. Which saint would you like to be known as?

    Gabriele, I have, er, 120 pictures so far having weeded out the mistakes. I think however that perhaps not all of these will go on the blog :-)

    I also have some really cool charter evidence to play with, but that may be an enthusiasm only I can really share.

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