I’ve been meaning to use that joke for years

Maximum points to my colleague Rory Naismith, who aside from various Herculean labours to the greater good of numismatics has also managed to do something I’ve been wanting to see done for a long time, which is, to actually use the gag “an Offa you can’t refuse” in academic print. Although the relevant journal homepage is sadly a couple of years out of date (I don’t understand why editors let that happen, it’s maddening, and could never occur in the sciences), I am assured that Rory’s article, “An Offa You Can’t Refuse? Eight-Century Mercian Titulature on Coins and in Charters” is indeed in Quæstio Insularis Vol. 7 (Cambridge 2006) at pp. 89-118, and I laud and magnify the pun, because as an employee of a University I am allowed to have the taste in humour of a magpie in jewellery so it’s OK.


4 responses to “I’ve been meaning to use that joke for years

  1. I don’t think admiring that pun is bad taste – it’s great! Or anyway, worthwhile.

  2. At Kalamazoo last year, someone, nameless, yet fairly well-known, told me an inappropriate joke about Offa and his dyke. I, ugly American though I am, will not repeat it. Anyway, the man that told it to me was Offa his rocker!! Ouch…sorry.

  3. I still think this is not as bad as one from a talk by Andy Merills a few years ago, which referring to an unsuccessful campaign by Chalres the Bald against the Bretons, said something to the effect that it taught the Franks to beware of Brittany spears.

  4. Oh dear. He simultaneously rises and sinks in my estimation for the shamelessness and lack of taste respectively…

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