The power of the feedline compels thee

Honey, and by honey I mean Livejournal, which is a bit worrying—but anyway: honey, I broke the feed. I didn’t mean to: for some reason it was choking on the alt tag of one of the images in a post from early last month. Livejournal thus hasn’t seen anything from this feed for about four weeks, and now that I hope I’ve unclogged it I don’t know how it will deal with those backdated entries. So this is a heads-up to warn those reading this through the feed that you may have missed some stuff:

So that should bring you back up to date. I’d promise not to break it again but I don’t know how it broke. So, er, good luck with that.

(WordPress just introduced a new way to track readership through feeds, you see, and I suddenly found I had none. That seemed odd, so I investigated. Ah, tech. I do wish I got to make my living at what I’m good at instead.)


3 responses to “The power of the feedline compels thee

  1. A good reason to keep an eye on those stats. How did you know it was Livejournal and not other feeds like Google Reader?

  2. Missing step in my explanation there I think! I know I’m gatewayed to Livejournal, so I could look there and see what was getting through. When I found it was `nothing’, I loaded up the WordPress feed (which you do by merely sticking ‘/feed/’ after your normal blog URL) and it had an error message with a quoted line that it was failing on, and no content. So then I messed with the offending line and eventually just deleted it; after which, feed as normal again.

    And indeed Livejournal is now listing the missing posts, but as I don’t have an LJ through which to read these, I don’t know where in people’s friends lists they might turn up; if it’s organised by datestamp, well below what they think they haven’t read, I guess. It is a problem with LJ generally that it doesn’t track read and unread as Usenet does. So I thought my loyal readers there, all three of them, needed a heads-up :-)

  3. The whole feed stuff is still a mystery to me. I know there is a LJ feed for my blog (I have LJ account I don’t use except for commenting), but I get readers via other feeds as well. Probably Google and RSS.

    Well, as long as people read my blog, I don’t care how they find it. :)

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