Added in passing III: silly genealogy

Just a short note to say, to anyone who winced with me a few posts ago about persons who claim descent from early medieval figures, but is however not in the habit of following my blogroll, may I please point you to one of Nat Taylor‘s recent entries? He has a fine example of exactly this sort of thing, a society founded for those who can claim descent from the Merovingians, and I tell you, our mission as educators will not be over till this same sort of thing stops. For heavens’ sake. I notice that it postdates the publication of The Da Vinci Code. Well, it would have to wouldn’t it. One more thing to blame to Dan Brown for.


10 responses to “Added in passing III: silly genealogy

  1. Just aaaaargh! Happy Saturnalia!

  2. Well, I’m descended from a Merovingian — but not one of the cool ones, so I tend to just keep quiet about it…

  3. Well, if that one was descended from Merovech – and you can find an existing member to propose you – and you can spare them $550 of which they will keep $250 if you pass their stringent criteria – then I’m sure The Order of the Merovingian Dynasty would love to hear from you…

  4. Well, the problem is that he was never a king. He was Merovech’s cousin twice-removed. He was named Fester and he was kept under the palace stairs…

  5. Aha, now I see why you might want to hold on to the $550…

  6. Well, I’m afraid the Queen as a new rival in the United Kingdom….

    Darn those little break away islands. I seem to recall a threat by the Isle of Wight to break away or crown their own king a few years ago.

  7. Oh, and that also explains why I’m so high on the Carolingians. Not only did they suppress that whole grail thing but they revenged great-grandpa Fester!

  8. I am meme-tagging you (which is not quite as painful as it sounds). Details at my site, if you are interested.

  9. Oh go on then. Results and trackback will duly appear. Meanwhile, still on silly genealogy, I have just stumbled over this! So if your royal ancestry makes you feel left out or isolated from the common man, Prof. Gabriele, you need worry no longer!

  10. Michelle, as to your anti-Queen there, again Dr Taylor has a suitable response up at his blog…

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