Life gets in the way

This term I was expecting to be teaching a scant three lectures, and possibly a few tutorials at King’s College London. This looked like enough, given that in the coming months I shall be moving house, to which city I don’t yet know, and writing or at least rewriting two papers and hopefully doing something serious towards the book, and as you are by now all aware I do have an actual job as well, although here I have recently cut down to four days a week to make more time for research.

Well, on Thursday 20th I got a call and several e-mails from KCL, because one of the other people on the course had landed a job elsewhere and wouldn’t be available. So in fact I am doing seven lectures and eight tutorials, at least, and starting Wednesday 26th. Possibly. As I write this on Monday 24th they still aren’t sure about that…

Now, as Hercules Grytpype-Thynn might have put it, “this could mean the Big Time”. But, as I haven’t looked at a lot of the stuff on which I’ll be lecturing for years, what it and all the other above currently means is no time. So I’m afraid that blogging may be extremely sporadic from now till, well, early December really. I’ll try and keep something coming in—I’m still waiting on those photos for that conference report and may well go ahead without them shortly—but I am far out and beyond being able to guarantee anything whatsoever except that to which I have already (over-)committed myself…

Update: in fact, teaching started today. I have pupils again, and a pile of books to read urgently a mile high. However, I am going to try and get at least some stuff written for you all, if only so that I don’t forget what I was thinking about it…

7 responses to “Life gets in the way

  1. Welcome to my term! I’m going to post another ‘to do’ list this week … argh! I am very glad you’ve got the teaching gig, though. It always helps, I think.

  2. I have been considering posting a to-do list here, just to provide some kind of shame value if I don’t manage it, but there is so much stuff that can’t easily be fitted in that I think this would be hubris. Also, other people are relying on much of it so there’s my shame value right there. So the blog will continue to make me look as if I could be competent in the right circumstances ;-)

    One of the things I have to do now however is fix the Leeds proposal. I must tell you that although I have nine people neatly fitting into three sessions, I have abstracts and confirmation that they want to take part from only eight of them. I can submit a proposal containing the exception’s paper anyway because he’s told me what it’s going to be about—but there would be room to assume he’s not interested any more if someone came up with something sooner. That session is on early medieval modes and practices of the writing of charters, but almost anything could be contained in that. The real question is whether it frightens you that Wendy Davies is the first speaker, or whether you just see that as a guaranteed audience…

    Simply, then, if you (or anyone else reading) wanted that slot and can get me a 50-word abstract and title before Saturday, when I really want to get this stuff submitted, then that would work; but if not, I have enough certainty to manage without.

  3. To the which I should add, for those not aware, that my e-mail address is on my work webpage.

  4. I can sympathise. My nice easy first-year historiography classes have just turned into a third-year special subject. Best of luck with the teaching.

  5. When do you have to know? I’m trying to figure out travel plans for the summer, but there are no grants going, but I have been offered free lodging and library access to a research library with almost everything I need on this side of the pond …

    I’m also leery of committing, because I go up for promotion at the end of the summer, and my Dean of the College has explicitly told me that two presentations this year are enough and he would like me to concentrate on getting something published. OTOH, while WD scares me, it might be a great place to get some feedback. I’m thinking that this year, I probably should focus on the need rather than the want. If you get horribly stuck, though, let me know.

  6. gesta: thankyou, and may yours also be surmountable!

    ADM: ah, well, I kind of had to know yesterday, and in the event, my troublesome exception sent me (resent, he says) his abstract early that day and I submitted the proposals forthwith :-/ Sorry, but the deadline was closing in on me. If someone later drops out I may have to come back to you cap in hand, and it would certainly be good to include more Continental papers as we’re kind of half Anglo-Saxon, but I shall definitely head-hunt you next year if I’m still doing this then, how about that?

  7. That would be so much better! Funding is always tight, although if I’m over there anyway, I may try to come. If not, then a research trip on the cheap sounds in order.

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