This job that I do III

Question: where can you find King Æthelred the Unready alongside his rival Cnut, and Edward the Confessor, Henry I, Henry III and indeed Henry IV and not least Gloriana herself, Queen Lizzy the One all looking on, or at least sideways?

Answer: under my scanner of a workday afternoon.

Winchester Scan obverse 001 (treated, thumbnail)

(The thumbnail links to a better-quality image at half-size, which lets you see the faces a bit clearer; 520 KB though, and copyright the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge before you ask, so not available for use in whole or in part without permission I’m afraid. Just enjoy its being there :-))

These are coins that we’re scanning for Martin Biddle for the long-awaited book on the decades of Winchester excavations he’s carried out; the ones on this scan belong to the Winchester Museum and will be accessible for scholars there fairly shortly after I’ve finished with them.

It’s not what I ultimately want to do, but there’s a lot to be said for this job.


2 responses to “This job that I do III

  1. A post that reminds me of many happy visits to the Coins and Medals dept to see Martin Allen with the latest finds from the CAU excavations. Not only did these visits get me out of the finds room for a decent length of time, but there was always something interesting to discuss.

  2. Well, fair enough! that is indeed where I work, Martin is right behind me now and doesn’t know what I’m typing :-) I’d send your regards but explaining the whole blogosphere to him is more effort than I need just now…

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