Monthly Archives: May 2007

nearly career news

Two small things: firstly the paper in the the Department that I mentioned a while back got written and given, and although it was one of those cases where I had to write it before I knew what I actually thought, it worked out all right. A very brief abstract follows.

Currency change in pre-millennial Catalonia: coinage, counts and economics

This paper looks at charter evidence for prices and currency in Catalan charters from the close of the first millennium, and concludes that in 982 or thereabouts the coinage being struck in the mint of Barcelona was renewed, to a short-lived but respected standard that briefly stabilised transactions in silver in the city’s immediate area.

The other, and in some ways better, piece of news, is that although until I get the official letter I probably can’t say where and when, I have been told by a reputable medieval series that they would like to publish my doctoral thesis, so the time when you can all of you put my name on your shelf is not so very far distant. I mean, that’s three more copies than I’d sell otherwise…