So hello Livejournal II

In fact, now that I investigate that, since anonymous posting is disabled, I can’t actually reply to comments there, so I’m afraid I’ll not be looking for them. You’ll have to come and find me here, but you’ll be very welcome if you do I assure you.

5 responses to “So hello Livejournal II

  1. Thanks for your long comment on my Speaking for the Dead post. Even though it’s an old post, I’ve replied over at my place because it feels fresh in my mind, as I used part of that in a talk I gave this weekend to a local alumni/honors society group in my town.

  2. Speaking of the IHR … do you work with a very tall, blond, very smart person who works with those maurauding Scandinavians

  3. If the person you mean is known as `Simon’, then yes, I have worked with him, though now I only ever run into him elsewhere. If not, then I might need more clues. My only connection with the IHR is the seminars I go to there, but the man I’m thinking of taught with me at Birkbeck, and he and I have some actual real friends in common. Does that help?

  4. That latter to ADM, obviously; I’m not used to this flurry of comments :-)

  5. That would be the one! It’s a very small world!

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