Learning all the time

Historia de Catalunya Salvat in series
Having finished some books, and taken them back to libraries and got some more out, last night I found myself on a train back from London, finally reading something about the third-century crisis about which I was so happy to write at you at length not so long ago. It seems that I didn’t get too much wrong, which is more or less how I got away with my initial teaching too; it’s nice to know I can still more or less pull off that synthesis of data in insufficient time that the classroom tends to require at the beginning of a course.

Meanwhile, I have today wrapped up a first draft of “Settling the Kings’ Lands: aprisio in Catalonia in perspective” and it’s about to go off to learned commentators and hopefully that’ll be finished for actual submission before very long after that. I’ll let you know when and where it comes out when I have such details, obviously. Meanwhile, I should as ever and like any other academic with a family be doing something else.

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