Page 123 (meme)

Given the nature of this blog, I was amused by the possibilities of the Page 123 meme I stumbled across on passing through the main WordPress site just now. The idea is that you grab the nearest book, turn to page 123, go to the fifth sentence and quote the three following it. Give your author and title and tag three people, because after all, this is a meme, it must propagate. Unfortunately for this particular instance of it, short of choosing people at random off the site, I don’t know three people to tag, because I don’t use this as a social site.

All the same, I had a quick look around, becase I thought the results would be ironically amusing. I mean, consider my Currently Reading list in the sidebar there–they’re all here. In fact it was quite difficult to tell what was nearest, what with several piles all within arm’s length. In fact the nearest is a book of my son’s about cars, but he’s had it a long time and it’s not 123 pages long… So, the actual result is as follows:

“[O]. Original perdut.–A.* Regest del segle XVI: Barcelona, AR (ACA), Monacals d’Hisenda, vol. 860, f. 39, ex O.
“El regest diu així: «Donatió antiga de Oliveda, ab ses afrontations, de algunes pessas de terra dins dita parròquia, les quals afrontan de totas parts ab terras de Sant Pera de Camprodon, feta l’any 4 regnant lo rey Ugone magno».”

Yes, that’s right, the book is Sobrequés et al., Catalunya Carolíngia. Volum V: els comtats de Girona, Besalú, Empúries i Peralada (Barcelona 2003). I’m here all week.


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