Medieval European Coinage 6

One of the various things I have in my hands at the Fitzwilliam Museum is the copy-editing and final preparation of the volume of Philip Grierson’s Medieval European Coinage series covering the Iberian peninsula, which is being written for us by Miquel Crusafont i Sabater and Anna Balaguer. This may threaten us with it being completely ignored by non-Catalans but it seemed a wise choice to Philip, and he knew his stuff.

I mention this merely because tomorrow the last thing I can do with it until the final corrections come back from Miquel and Anna will be done, so if by some freak of a chance your teeth have been gnashing for lack of a substantial textbook in English on Iberian numismatics, I’m sorry but it’s not (currently) my fault.

13 responses to “Medieval European Coinage 6

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  2. So, six years on, how are final preparations going?

    • Ouch… but a fair question. Everything is ready but for the index and with that done the volume enters production. No-one is being paid to do that, however, so things that those involved are being paid for keep getting in the way. I can’t give you a definite prediction but I hope for a publication date in the next six months.

  3. But for geography, I would come give you a hand.

    I was an early adopter for V1 and envisioned my dedicated MEC shelf, wide with pretty blue volumes: a dream that may never come to pass.

    In fairness, six months puts you into 2013, within reasonable pace of the previous issues in 1985 and 1998. I shall arrange with the cabinet maker to install that shelf sometime around 2232. Update me if I need to revise that schedule.

    • Vol. 6 should be out early 2013, I’d guess, but that’s a schedule out of my own head; I’m not doing the indexing. (Already editing or copy-editing three non-MEC volumes besides that one!) It should then be a race between vols 10 and 12 (Scandinavia and Northern Italy) to be next up, much sooner. I’m honestly not sure how either could take the requisite 10-15 years from here! Vol. 7 (Low Countries) is some way behind those but progressing, and will be Philip Grierson’s final publication (I imagine). Ask me not of the others for I know little to nothing…

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  5. Sheer coincidence that I happened to be researching an Iberian coin today, almost exactly a year since my prior posts, and remembered this discussion. How about an annual update?

    • Aha, well, just let me get the next post up and it will in fact contain almost-spookily germane information!

      • Well, such a constrained, yet prospective, response motivated me to go looking about for myself. Volume 6 is now on it’s way to my waiting eyes. Eager to hear of any other progress!

        • Given the which, I have allowed myself to post something pre-written rather than the news round-up I haven’t yet had time to write, but I’m glad both that you found the volume and that you think it worth the incredible price… But we flatter ourselves, there is nothing else like it out there and possibly never will be, and hopefully it will justify your faith in the series.

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